Reasons to join
      • As an Alumni Association member you will foster and increase the feeling of belonging and the prestige of having gone to school at the Colegio Alemán.
      • Networking. You can establish and maintain contacts with other alumni, and being a member will help you create national and international professional networks, an essential tool for developing any project in today’s world.
      • Lifelong learning in German. Perhaps you haven’t spoken German in a long time and want to recover your fluency or perhaps you simply don’t want your German to get rusty after you graduate. As an Alumni member you’ll get a 10% discount on all German courses at the Goethe Institut.
      • Job bank. One of our objectives is to partner with and encourage companies to commit to our alumni, creating a database for the management of national and international job openings.
      • Events. As the Alumni Association grows, we will respond to your needs by organizing conferences, seminars, work orientation workshops and all other initiatives that serve the group and its members.
      • Annual Alumni Party. Every year we will organize a party for all alumni, a chance to have fun and interact with former students. We will also celebrate an annual Silver Reunion for the alumni who graduated 25 years ago and the Bronze Reunion for those who graduated 10 years ago.
      • Have fun with other alumni. Join the association and send us an e-mail if you’d like to organize an activity with other alumni and we’ll do our part to help: soccer, tennis, sing in our choir, golf, etc.