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Colegio Alemán

Kindergarten (Educación Infantil)
The Colegio Alemán makes it possible for families to send their children to the same school for their entire pre-university basic education (students ages 2 to 18), ensuring a committed effort from the staff as well as an education continuum without substantial abrupt changes, providing students with the stability they need to achieve the highest level of academic performance.

Kindergarten (Early Childhood Education)

Early Childhood Education


Kindergarten (Educación Infantil)
The specific needs of a school dedicated exclusively to early childhood education were taken into consideration during the design and subsequent construction of the kindergarten. The kindergarten, separate from the other classes, is a unique part of the school. The classrooms were designed as large, bright spaces that provide all the room kids at that age need to move around, encouraging the development of children’s independence, security, and autonomy. It also has two multi-purpose rooms, a dining room and a garden exclusively for kindergartners.

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The staff takes particular care of this initial introduction to schooling for young students. Before learning, children must first feel comfortable in their environment; at the Colegio Alemán, this sense of comfort is achieved through the teaching staff’s outstanding and personalized attention.


The early education teaching staff boasts both native German and Spanish teachers (alumni) with university degrees, all specialists in German language learning.


Most of the kindergarten educational materials are in German. The materials include a wide range of stories, games and audiovisual material (all classrooms have a digital whiteboard). The staff creates all other material (workbooks, verses, vocabulary, etc.) in German.


Starting at the age of 2, the kindergarten is the start to an entire educational process that supports, empowers and integrates natural language learning. There is no German class at the kindergarten level. The language starts to become a natural part of the students’ environment from day one, incorporated into games, parties, songs, etc. Students internalize German in a gradual, natural and fun way.


Habits and attitudes are created at the kindergarten level, with students acquiring skills and abilities that encourage the right correct social and intellectual development and prepare children for a coherent and coordinated start to primary school. To that end, our students participate in pre-reading and pre-writing by developing fine motor skills, so that when it comes time to start reading and writing in primary school the students have the educational maturity that ensures comprehensive learning.


Kindergarten reaches its full meaning in a framework of collaboration and coordination between the teaching staff and the families, and the school aims to establish a close and personal relationship with all parents.


We strive to provide a bilingual and innovative kindergarten experience that teaches children how to live, be, and learn in an environment of security, nurturing and respect that favors the development of personal autonomy and responsibility.

Primarstufe (Primary School)

Primary School


Primarstufe (Primaria)
Our students make major discoveries over the course of their six-year primary education that will stay with them for the rest of their lives: they start reading and writing, both in their native language and in German, and they develop the basic skills as well as make significant strides in socialization. This “third childhood” develops students who have learning tools, are able to relate autonomously and responsibly, and who have good study habits that make it possible to effectively start secondary education.

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In order to achieve this objective, our school focuses on the importance of using three languages: Spanish, German and English. The German language is standard throughout the entire curriculum, from the first to the sixth grade, and German, Manual Arts, Music, Social and Natural Sciences, and ITCs (new technology) are taught entirely in German. The English language is part of the primary curriculum and students learn it quickly through the early bilingual classes taught in German at the kindergarten level.

Contact with nature, environmental education, the formation of aesthetic taste, the promotion of social skills and the typical coexistence with other European cultures, road safety education, cooperative learning, health and sex education, development of physical abilities, the interest in social aspects of their environment, and many other lessons are taught continually throughout primary school as part of the well-rounded education we strive to give our students.

Each student receives personal attention and care according to his or her individual needs. Teachers, tutors, family and the guidance team work together in constant communication in order to develop the highest level of each student’s intellectual skills and facilitate the best possible personal development.

Sekundarstufe - Oberstufe (Compulsory and Upper Secondary Education)

Compulsory and Upper Secondary Education

Sekundarstufe – Oberstufe

Sekundartufe - Oberstufe (Secundaria y Bachillerato)
Our students are in one of the most important stages of academic and personal development during secondary school. They work together with positive role models to more clearly define their personality and learn specific learning methods to strengthen their study techniques in each subject. The methodology used is based on active and participatory learning, on acquiring good academic habits, and on ensuring accountability.

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Continuing with the methodology initiated during primary school, the classes focus on acquiring a high level of knowledge in three languages: Spanish, German and English. In secondary school, a high percentage of class hours are still taught in German, and part of the curriculum is taught in this language.

Students make huge improvements in English at this level. Learning German starting in kindergarten provides our students with special tools of pronunciation and intuition that puts them in a clear position of advantage over other Spanish students. In fact, our students in Aragón have scored the highest on their English entrance exams on several occasions.

Complementary activities, coexistence, outdoor education, cultural trips, volunteering, road safety education health and sex education, physical education and the improvement of study techniques are a constant throughout these grades in order to provide our students with a well-rounded education.

Each student receive individual monitoring at a personal and academic level, attending to each student’s particular needs. Students receive guidance on their required courses, advice that helps them to choose the options that best suit their tastes and skills.

The fluid communication between professors, tutors, parents and the guidance team is a crucial part of offering our students a quality education, one that allows them to seamlessly develop in the “real” world and become open, charitable and skilled adults with the potential to contribute the very best of themselves to society.