60 years dedicated to education.

Proyecto educativo
Colegio Alemán is a non-state-subsidized private and secular school located in a residential area in Zaragoza.

The school has roughly six hundred and twenty-five students, ranging in from 2 to 18 years of age at the early childhood, primary, and secondary levels of education.

It is a school run by parents through a non-profit cultural association, the Colegio Alemán Cultural Association, which has the following purposes:

  • The maintenance, management, organization and administration of the school called the Colegio Alemán, whose educational program and curriculum will include a focus on the German language and culture for children of both sexes.

  • The diffusion and propagation of the German culture and language.

  • The promotion of understanding among people and, in particular, the promotion of the European Union and the enhancement of the cultural relationships between Spain and Germany.


Our goal is to create an innovative school for Zaragozan families where students learn how to live, be, and learn in two languages (Spanish and German). We teach by stimulating children’s curiosity in an environment of freedom, safety, nurturing and respect, which favors the development of autonomy and personal responsibility. In short, we educate children from the age of 2 to become responsible young adults, open and well prepared, who master three languages and three cultures (Spanish, German and English) and who are equipped with the necessary tools to easily grow in an academic environment.