Historical identity

School identity

Our history

The history of Colegio Alemán dates back to the 1920s when the German colony from Africa settled in Zaragoza and solved the need to educate their children by creating a Pre-School, which allowed them to preserve their language and culture.

As time went by, they expanded the levels of education for their children and those of some families from Zaragoza who were interested in that education and different teaching style and who little by little, started to integrate themselves. This made it the first coeducational and language school in the city. For years, it depended on the German government. World War II, however, led to its closure.

Facade of the Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

The beginnings of Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

In 1956, Zaragoza once again had a German school. The entire staff at the new school came from Germany: the headteacher and the teachers of the Pre-School were German.

For the 1960/61 school year, the school stopped receiving funding from the German government and the subsidy was lost, since it meant that the students had to take the German Bachillerato*, which the parents at the time, all of whom were Spanish, did not consider appropriate. The German teachers returned to their home country.

Its Board of Directors

The German School Cultural Association succeeded in securing a donation from the German government for all the materials (furniture, teaching supplies, etc.) needed to maintain a school, teaching German at all levels with the same pedagogical lines and a mixed, liberal education.

New teachers came from Germany who were hired directly by the Association.

Thanks to great efforts at all levels, Colegio Alemán is growing and, according to the needs of growth, it has been changing its location: from Calvo Sotelo 30, and Archbishop Doménech to the villa of Marín and Yaseli, (today Machado School), until it arrived at its current location in the Torres de San Lamberto Urbanisation..

Class at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

The German School Cultural Association

It was founded and registered in the Civil Government Registry on 27 September 1956, with modifications to its articles of association in 1974, 1992 and the last one in 2012. From the beginning, the Association has been defined as a non-profit company, whose purposes are the following:


The maintenance, senior management, organisation and governance of the Colegio Alemán, whose educational programme and curriculum will prominently include the teaching of the German language and culture to children of both sexes.


The dissemination of German culture and language.


The promotion of understanding between people and, in particular, the promotion of the European Union and the increase of cultural relations between Spain and Germany.

In the same year, the German School Cultural Association opened its doors to everyone from Zaragoza (without the need to be linked to the Association) who wished to learn or deepen their knowledge of the German language.

Thus, the German School Cultural Association manages the Colegio Alemán and the German Institute of Zaragoza – Akademie für Deutsch from its Board of Directors.

Admissions and new students

Do you want to be part of our big Family?

Request information for the next academic year and secure your place at our school. Arrange a guided tour and a meeting with our teaching staff.

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