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Dining room

Colegio Alemán Zaragoza School lunch menu

All students who need to stay at school for lunch can eat in the dining room, which has its own kitchen and menus prepared by nutrition specialists.

All our food is homemade using local ingredients. We vary the way we cook our recipes and avoid the use of precooked food.

Most of our suppliers are from Aragon and are either direct producers or distributors.

Lunch menu

Colegio Alemán and Combi Catering, as part of a social context increasingly concerned with the importance of good nutrition, sustainability, the environment and the social environment is involved in creating a Sustainable Food model, which focuses on the inclusion of the following products on the menu:

  • Seasonal and local food
  • Organic food
  • Food with social value

Here are 12 reasons why you should appreciate our menus

It is an eating plan based on a system that protects the planet and at the same time takes care of your health:

  1. We include fresh and organic vegetables from GARDENIERS, a special Atades employment centre dedicated to organic agriculture in Alagón (Zaragoza).
  2. All the pasta we use is organic. The durum wheat comes from Aragon and is grown in the fields of the Daroca countryside.
  3. We use whole foods such as brown rice from the Aragonese Pyrenees.
  4. We use organic vegetables.
  5. Sometimes we cook it combined with organic whole grains, resulting in a dish that is rich in protein.
  6. We prioritise fresh and local meats such as Beef from Aragon.
  7. Meatballs, hamburgers and fresh sausages are made in a traditional bakery.
  8. We use fish with a Sustainable Fishing Certificate.
  9. Our fruit, which is always fresh and seasonal is from Aragon wherever possible.
  10. We offer whole wheat bread.
  11. We use olive oil from Aragon to season the dishes.
  12. We use dairy products from VILLACORONA, a company located in BURGO DE EBRO. 90% of the company’s volume corresponds to fresh foods made mainly with fresh cow’s milk of the day from its own two farms in Huesca.

Our menus have different options

Download PDF menus suitable for all types of intolerances or allergies.

"We believe in a world where healthy, sustainable and inclusive food systems enable people and the planet to thrive. A world without poverty and hunger, a world of inclusive growth, environmental sustainability and social justice, a resilient world where no one is left behind."
Ms. Agnes Kalibata of Rwanda - Special Envoy for 2021 Food Systems Food Summit of 2021

Planetary diet

It is an eating plan based on a system that protects the planet and at the same time takes care of your health:

Shop locally: It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and helps local businesses.

Prioritise local products: Avoid consuming products that come from remote areas, especially if those products are also produced in your area.

Choose organic products: Organic farming takes into account factors such as soil type and climate, so crops tend to be more resilient to climate change and retain more CO2 than intensive farming.

Improve the way you cook: The planetary diet is much more than choosing foods, it is also about redefining eating behaviours at every meal. Use preparation methods that use less energy and consume more raw foods.

Opt for seasonal foods: Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables reduces the emission of polluting gases. Sustainable fish helps reduce overfishing and protects the oceans’ ecosystem.

Consume less meat: Meat production involves a large expenditure of water, energy and other resources. In terms of health, it is beneficial to reduce the consumption of red meat and processed meat

Recycle: Take the motto “reduce, recycle and reuse” and apply it to your life.

Do not use single-use plastics: The energy cost of producing
plastic is quite high
and it is also highly polluting and not always

Do not throw food away: It is estimated that food waste is responsible for 10% of
greenhouse gas emissions produced
by humans.

Do you need to leave your child at school to eat on a specific day or period? We’ve got the solution for you:

In order to leave your child at school to eat on a specific day, all you have to do is notify the secretary’s office at any time.

If you have an emergency, you can leave your child at school to eat. All you have to do is notify the secretary’s office and state whether your child has any allergies, intolerances, etc.

You do not have to enrol your child in the school meal plan all year round, you can do it by days, months or terms, whichever best suits your needs.

Parenting school at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

Admissions and new students

Do you want to be part of our big Family?

Request information for the next academic year and secure your place at our school. Arrange a guided tour and a meeting with our teaching staff.

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