Alumni, this is for you!

The alumni space is important and essential for us because if we are sure of anything, it is that we are who we are today because of their memories, their experiences, their effort, their laughter, their achievements and also their more challenging moments. In short, it’s about each of the steps they have taken while studying here. A little piece of each of the students who have studied at Colegio Alemán has remained with us and, without a doubt, they are the reason why we are the way we are today.

Therefore, this space is theirs and in it we will learn first-hand about their experiences, their professional achievements, new destinations or the anecdotes and experiences that were important in their school years

Through interviews, reports and curiosities, we want to keep in touch and, at the same time, encourage a relationship between all of us.

Parenting school at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

Did you study at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza?

There are many reasons to join the ALUMNI, but here are the 7 main ones:

1. Belonging

Being part of the Alumni will increase the feeling of belonging and the prestige that comes from having studied at Colegio Alemán.

2. Networking

Being part of the Alumni will increase the feeling of belonging and the prestige that comes from having studied at Colegio Alemán.

3. German

Continuous language learning. Have you noticed for a while now that your German has been a little rusty and you want to regain your fluency or simply don’t want to lose touch with the language after finishing school? As Alumni you get a 10% discount on all German courses offered by the Goethe Institut.

4. Job opportunities

One of our objectives is to sign agreements and encourage companies to commit to our Alumni by creating a database for the management of job offers, both nationally and internationally.

5. Events

As our Alumni grows and according to your concerns, we will organise Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and everything that helps the group and its members.

6. Annual Alumni Party

Every year we will organise a party for all our Alumni to have fun and socialise with each other. In addition, also on an annual basis, we will celebrate the silver jubilee for the Alumni who left the school 25 years ago and the bronze jubilee for those who finished 10 years ago.

7. Have fun

Are you interested in doing an activity with other Alumni? Let us know in an email and we will try to arrange something. Or join us and sing in our choir!

Become a member of the Alumni

Do you want to be part of our big Family?

Fill in this form to apply to become a member of the Alumni of the Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza.

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