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The best setting to start learning

The pleasure of learning, the pleasure of teaching

We teach our students with a method that has proven its worth for more than six decades, teaching hundreds of students, with German as the language of instruction. In this way, from the age of 2, they learn to communicate in Spanish and German simultaneously, something which allows them to:

Firstly, to get to the age of 8 years old 100% prepared to introduce English as a third language and to have the capacity to finish their trilingual schooling with a high level, thanks to the natural bilingualism in which they have grown up.

Secondly, to develop cognitive skills that reinforce their abilities and an optimal academic level.

Our students reach the age of 8 years old immersed in the German language in a natural way and 100% prepared to introduce English as a third language.

Learning to master more than two languages from a very early age favours the development of a multitude of cognitive processes, which will be closely linked to a much more optimal and efficient personal and academic growth.

We show you the 3 pillars, which are the basis for the success of the methodology of Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza


Good motivation, their best fuel

An education that starts with close accompaniment of the student throughout their studies and with mentoring that gives them the necessary tools to promote their independence.

Students are guided throughout their development and have a helping hand at all times to guide and motivate them in their academic and personal development.


In German and for the world

It is a learning system focused on the comprehension and mastery of the German language in a natural way, with the objective of favouring and reinforcing their attention, memory and critical thinking, as well as immersion in English.

In this way we speed up the student’s mastery of communicative skills and linguistic comprehension, establishing solid foundations that reinforce their school progress.


We are the consequence of our efforts

The model of involvement with the student and the teaching method at Colegio Alemán aim to ensure that the student is always motivated to achieve optimal results, the result of an education based on constant effort.

Crecen conscientes de que cada paso que dan, les hace personas más capaces y seguras.

Admissions and new students

Do you want to be part of our big Family?

Request information for the next academic year and secure your place at our school. Arrange a guided tour and a meeting with our teaching staff.

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