Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Quality as a performance philosophy

Colegio Alemán San Alberto Magno defines quality as a fundamental part of its policy and strategy, and has therefore adopted the quality-based management systems as reference models for the management of the school, mainly in the UNE-EN ISO 9001 Standard.

German teacher at the bilingual school

As a School, we have adopted quality as a philosophy of action that is identified with the following guidelines:

  • Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the educational activity carried out by the School.
  • A job well done and the continuous improvement of our activities, the services we provide and our work processes.
  • Providing value to students, staff and stakeholders, listening to them and striving to meet their expectations.
  • The alignment of our processes and projects with the institutional mission, its vision and strategies, striving to act in accordance with the behaviours set forth in the formulation of values.
  • The adoption of work methodologies based on the culture of evidence, data-driven management and the discipline of teamwork.
  • Process management aimed at continuous improvement through planning, development, review and improvement.
  • Improving results by defining indicators and objectives and evaluating their level of achievement.

These guidelines are deployed through the following processes and projects:

  • Periodic measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction.
  • Review of the quality system and periodic updating of processes.
  • Internal and external audits of the quality system.

In addition, a strategic plan is deployed every four years, from which the annual plans are based through the formulation and fulfilment of objectives.

The School’s objectives will be quantifiable and measurable through indicators and all of them constitute the quality objectives, whose degree of compliance will be evaluated periodically.

School staff

Commitment to quality affects the entire organisation

Everyone at the School accepts this commitment and their responsibility to comply with the requirements established in the Quality Management System, as well as to actively participate in the improvement of quality and management, and in the achievement of the institutional objectives.

The School’s Management Team will provide the necessary means and training for the successful execution of the activities.

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