School life

School life

Colegio Alemán has all the necessary support services for parents and students

We are fully aware of the importance of children learning to master languages from an early age and the great benefits this can have on their educational development.

Here, your children…

  • Will receive the best professional and personalised guidance throughout all educational stages.
  • They will speak Spanish, German and English and hold official diplomas from the Goethe-Institut and the University of Cambridge.
  • They will be educated and prepared to successfully face the adult world.
  • They will want the same education for their children.
Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza School bus

Bus route

The school has 4 bus routes for all students: in the morning to get to school, at midday to return home for lunch and in the afternoon to return home from school.

Girl in the dining room at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

School lunch menu

All students who need to stay at school for lunch can eat in the dining room, which has its own kitchen and menus prepared by nutrition specialists.

University guidance at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

School guidance

We help our students learn about all the educational choices that await them after high school.

Parenting school at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

Parenting school

In sessions lasting approximately one hour, we address topics such as educational styles, rules and limits, responsibility education, social skills or emotional intelligence, among others.

School calendar at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

School calendar

If you have any questions about the school days, holidays and half days for the next school year, take a look at the school calendar for the next school year.

Judo. Extracurricular activities at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

Extracurricular activities

They are recreational and formative and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the group and to the school. They are recreational and formative and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the group and to the school.

Early risers Service of the Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

Early risers

If you need a childcare service for your children, students of any age can make use of this service on a regular or sporadic basis.

Books and school materials at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

Books and materials

The school produces its own material designed exclusively for its students, as well as collaborating with different publishers for textbooks.

Do you know about the Alumni space?

A little piece of each of the students who have studied at Colegio Alemán has remained with us and, without a doubt, they are the reason why we are the way we are today. For this reason, there is a space where, through interviews, reports and curiosities, we want to keep in touch and, at the same time, boost the relationship between all of us.

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