Internships abroad

Internships abroad

Schülerpraktikum Programme in Berlin, work internships in Germany

From the age of 16 students can participate in the Schülerpraktikum Programme in Berlin, which has a positive impact on their development.

This programme fully immerses the students in the German language and culture. It consists of a 15-day internship working for German companies in June.

There are many interesting companies to choose from, which offer students a great experience in a very enriching environment, both personally and academically.

Some of these companies are Siemens, Bayer, Telekom… Also in hospitals, pre-schools, law firms, architects, etc

Admissions and new students

Do you want to be part of our big Family?

Request information for the next academic year and secure your place at our school. Arrange a guided tour and a meeting with our teaching staff.

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