Technology in the classrooms

Technology in the classrooms

For a more effective and fun education

Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza has a wide variety of applications and devices that facilitate the implementation of technological tools within the educational methodologies.

The use of technology in the classrooms makes educational tools more interactive, which keeps students’ attention for longer and makes them more enthusiastic about learning.

Technology in the classrooms at Colegio Alemán in Zaragoza

STEAM Skills

Steam skills
Steam skills are present in all stages because it is essential that their growth is based on technological education.
Steam Skills
Escornabot del colegio Alemán


3D printing and design, welding, assembly and programming.

El ratón explorador en el Colegio Alemán de Zaragoza

Jack, the explorer mouse

For Pre-School and Primary School, concepts of logic, teamwork, problem solving.

Lego. Tecnología en las aulas del Colegio Alemán


Mechanical creativity, application of actuators and sensors, basic programming and its application.

Micro bit. Ordenador utilizado en el Colegio Alemán de Zaragoza

Micro bit

Fundamentals of programming and electronics. This little brain allows us to work on programming and robotics from the most basic levels to solving mathematical problems or creating video games.

Tecnología: maqueta domótica en Colegio Alemán de Zaragoza

Home-automation model

Welding, architecture, applied home automation, sensors and actuators. A classic tool that allows us to apply curricular concepts that are better understood by putting them into practice.

Rooma Robot. Tecnología en las aulas del Colegio Alemán

Roomba robot

Product creation, design, 3D printing, advanced programming, etc. A global project to facilitate the creative independence and the “maker” spirit of our students.

In primary school

Introduction to robotics

The most natural way to do this is through soft and creative skills, which allow students to associate with previous activities, such as arts and crafts or creative drawing.

3D printer opens up new opportunities and fields to explore

Students begin training in virtual environments for 3D manipulation and design and print educational robots such as Escornabot.

In Secondary School

They have innovative welding equipment and work on the creation of mechatronic products, from home-automation models to autonomous robots.

With Lego robotic kits we simplify the stages of ideation, creation, construction and programming. Its value lies in the fact that it allows them to learn the basics and the use of tools, making them familiar to them on a daily basis.

Admissions and new students

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