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Letter from the Director

“The bar was set very high: the second German school to be created in Zaragoza – the first had been the one belonging to the Germans from Cameroon who arrived in our city in 1916 – wanted to be – and would be – secular, mixed and bilingual. In 1956 Spain, this made it a very different school in the social, cultural and educational context of the time and, obviously, a school at the forefront. The impulse came from families who wanted not only to increase cultural relations between Spain and Germany and make the German language known, but also to achieve the best possible education based on tolerance and within the Spanish legal framework. The proposal was innovative and courageous: the school would be a Cultural Association with a Board of Directors made up of the families. That school – one of the oldest German schools in Spain – is our school, with the addition of a long history characterised by effort and adaptation to a constantly changing and accelerating world, which has given it a strong educational personality.

Today, the school maintains the original standard it set all those years ago and strengthens teaching in all areas of knowledge – attentive to techno-scientific progress but without neglecting the necessary humanistic field; with excellent academic results and outstanding EvAU tests, both in the voluntary and compulsory phases. Equipped with a course objective for all its students, the school provides a forward-looking education in civic commitment – based on the values of respect, effort, responsibility, integrity and entrepreneurship – and in the skills required by today’s world – including professional skills, as Bachillerato* students do work experience in the city of Berlin every year.

Bilingualism is a fundamental hallmark to which we have added the English language. But with an important, significant and differentiating feature: the pursuit of excellence that means teaching the three languages to achieve the highest linguistic competencies. That is the school’s challenge and the contrasting reality both in our classrooms and outside of them.”

I invite you to browse our website and discover the vitality of a school that assumes its tradition with normality, recognises that what is useful is that which improves us and opens itself day after day to the surprising adventure that is teaching and learning.